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I apologise for not updating. I’ve been away for a while and only just arrived back. I’m still adjusting to life in Cairo. I was welcomed back to this city by witnessing a minor car crash. The micro buses front bumper fell off. Speaking of things falling off, I was riding in a micro bus today to my Arabic class. Halfway there the door of the bus started to come loose and I had to firmly hold onto it to stop it falling off. It must be a frequent occurrence here, as all the driver did was stop the bus, get out and proceed to put it back together again. None of the passengers even flinched.

My Arabic’s going well but yesterday I had a language melt down. I just felt exhausted and couldn’t get my head around some of the grammar. Learning Arabic can be a frustrating struggle, but after yesterday I came home and thought about why I’m studying Arabic. I needed to renew my intention.┬áHaving that time to think was good and today I felt much better. Refreshed and ready for another days studying.