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Unless you’ve had your head under a blanket for the past few weeks than you will not have failed to see the elections in Egypt. You can’t enjoy the scenery around Cairo without it being rudely interrupted by the smirking ageing face of Ahmed Shafiq or the teddy bear mug of Muhammad Morsi. I have a feeling the faded torn posters will still be around even when the elections are over.

Right now there is news coming in that Morsi has won the presidency but the margin is too tight yet to confirm. I must say that it has come as a surprise, considering most people were predicting (or fearing) that Shafiq would win. Of course with this being Egypt unpredictable events happen often and are part and parcel of life here. The SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces) has disolved Parliament. That means that a new Parliament will have to be elected soon, but it also means that SCAF has a lot of power.

In other news (concerning me), I went to get my visa renewed but was denied one and told to go back to my country by an old bored woman with a face like a sour lemon. I, of course need my visa renewed to get out of the country so I’m considering going back again and trying my luck. Hopefully I won’t experience any forms of ‘racism’ on my trip back.