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Ramadan is here

So tomorrow is the first day of ramadan, and where most people moan at the slow pace and lack of work done during this time, I’m really excited. Supermarkets are decorated with colourful material and shelves stacked up with dates, nuts, dried fruit, hibiscus juice and all manner of festive products. It’s a time for people to gain that spiritually that seems to be lacking in their lives, and of course to be extra generous in giving to the poor.

I also just found out that Egypt’s Intelligence Chief (and VP for a few days during the revolution) Omair Suleiman has suddenly died while receiving treatment in the US. I can’t see many people shedding a tear for him over here in Egypt. Instead they’re probably wondering why Mubarak is still alive!

Here’s some interesting articles about the man and the claims of his involvement in torture:

abc news

AL-Jazeera: Profile of Omar Suleiman

Olympics 2012

The Olympics are upon us in a few days in London, and with all the bad press of missiles being placed on East London rooftops, the spiralling cost of the Olympics and the farce that is the Orbit Tower (even though its received some good reviews, in my eyes paying £15 to go up a scrap metal helter skelter is ridiculous) it’ll be interesting to see how the games actually do.

For some inspirational Guerilla art check out this this group who tackle street advertising and call themselves Brandalism


Business cards and Ramadan countdown

Since i’ve last wrote, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces have disolved Parliament, Mohammed Morsi won the Presidency in Cairo and has been sworn in and the countdown to ramadan has begun.

I’ve been very busy lately tending to my Arabic lessons and doing some freelance writing. I also took a trip down to Attaba last weekend with my husband to get his business cards made. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Attaba then let me explain. It’s a maze of windy streets, polluted, crowded, full of Del Boy types and most importantly exciting. When walking through you want to stop and gaze at the wood workshops, the bright display of fresh vegetables, the unlimited amount of work tools being sold and the make shift stalls selling taser guns. But be warned, its dangerous to not pay attention in this place as you could get crushed by the rusty cars or swarm of people unsympathetic to your browsing.

When you see this place you do wonder how Egypt is experiencing any economic problems.

Also the countdown to ramadan has begun. I know because I was in my supermarket last week doing a late night shop and they’ve decked the place out in colourful cloth, arranged bags of nuts, dates, figs and dried beans near the entrance and have started the special offers. I usually hate shopping in ramadan as the shops tend to be busier (surely you eat less not more?) and people are crazier (could be the lack of food). This is my 3rd ramadan here and I am excited beyond belief. Egypt truly is magical during this blessed month.