Lately I’ve not been able to find anytime for myself. A baby can do that to you. Suck your time and energy until your reduced to a tired wreck whos left making excuses for your absences. No you can’t meet up for lunch and a good old natter because you want to catch up on your sleep. Instead you’ve left them thinking the builders coming round to knock down a wall and build the open plan kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

After a while it jus got absurd and slowly like an ephiphany I realised one thing. I now appreciate my time more than I ever did when I had it in abundance. So those time whores out there can keep wasting away, I use every second  like its my last.



Hand made

An ingenius bottle opener stuck on to the tree (in red) and a useful cap catcher, at my local koosk



Inspire. change. now