Day of rest

So today’s jummah and the equivalent of an English sunday. The streets before jummah are deserted and after the weekly prayer people retreat back to their homes and sleep a while during the hottest part of the day. I’m sitting here after breakfast wondering what to do today. It’s too late for horse-riding maybe so a day of tourism?

Just remembered an article in a not so good magazine I read. It was a few days ago when I was in dire need of reading material to idle away a few hours, so off I went to the local bookshop. The choice in there was pitiful so I was left with buying a big atlas shaped magazine on the local area and grabbed a few free mags. Sat in a mosque and whilst eating my lunch I idly flicked through. Few articles grabbed my attention with their words or pictures. One that made me stop and read (for all the wrong reasons) was an ex-pat magazine that conducted a dull interview with an Egyptian jazz singer and asked the most stupid questions, made worse by the hilarious spelling mistakes (underlined). I’ll leave Mr Adly editor of Expats to wrap up here:

“Im sure everyday a star like you would have girls having a crash on them. So how would you handle this situation: You’re leaving a stage then you see a girls who having one of the worst crashes of her life on you….”