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Lately I’ve not been able to find anytime for myself. A baby can do that to you. Suck your time and energy until your reduced to a tired wreck whos left making excuses for your absences. No you can’t meet up for lunch and a good old natter because you want to catch up on your sleep. Instead you’ve left them thinking the builders coming round to knock down a wall and build the open plan kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

After a while it jus got absurd and slowly like an ephiphany I realised one thing. I now appreciate my time more than I ever did when I had it in abundance. So those time whores out there can keep wasting away, I use every second  like its my last.


Father and son

I enjoy throwing my balcony doors open and standing outside whilst I hang the washing up. The tedious nature of this chore gives me plenty of the time to catch up on the neighbourhood gossip. I suspend a pair of striped socks on the washing line and watch as the water quickly drips onto the floor below.

I peer over the balcony and view what is happening further down. The Bawab (doorman) from across my building is sitting on the outside wall with his young son who looks to be one years old. He seems lost in thought, thinking about something out of his reach. In the mean time the jovial baby is balancing on the thin ledge of the wall and laughing. The man awakes from his daydreaming and starts to smile. With one swoop he lifts his son up with ease and playfully puts him on the other side of the wall. The baby starts to cry trying to reach out to his dad.  In that moment the mans eyes look up and meet mine, and we both start to laugh.